“My experience working with Katharina is a very productive one. Starting from about four years of different collaborations and in quite different circumstances, inspiration, technical support and a result focused attitude are constant in her work.

A piece of example can be the last: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nereidas-applies-sustainable-blue-economy-call-jaime-bustillo-g%C3%A1lvez/ é

Jaime Bustillo Gálvez, Jefe de Planificación Estratégica en Autorida Portuaria de Melilla, España

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“Ms Bouchaar is a committed and hardworking professional. She shows a high level of competence in all the tasks she is entrusted with and has demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility and diplomatic abilities in complex files.”

Jean-Louis Ville, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG DEVCO, Belgium

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“Ms Bouchaar has an excellent capacity to handle mutliple work assignments simultaneously. We have the highest confidence in her abilities and can recommend her without any hesitation.”

Dirk Beckers, Executive Director, European Commission – Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), Belgium

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“Ihre schnelle Auffassungsgabe ermöglichte es Frau Bouchaar, auch schwierigste Situationen sofort zu überblicken und dabei stets das Wesentliche zu erkennen.”

Rainer Gebel, Geschäftsführer, GEOPLAN GmbH, Deutschland

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“Le grand esprit d’équipe de Mme Bouchaar ainsi que sa perséverance, son profiessionnalisme et ses excellentes capacités de communication lui ont permis de réaliser des résultats très satisfaisants et gagner ainsi la confiance des partenaires et clients de la société.”

Faouzi Bekkouche, Directeur, KREAKOM sarl, Algérie

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