Euro-Mediterranean region project cooperation


What can I do for you?

As a certified Project Manager, I am well skilled and experienced to help you with the following tasks:

  • Project identification and project development
  • Preparation of project proposal documents (funding applications) and creation of project consortia (partner search and introduction)
  • Identification of potential funding sources for project applicants at EU, international as well as national levels in the UK, Belgium and Germany
  • Project management & coordination
  • Project monitoring & evaluation (M & E)

I also offer:

  • Sustainable Policy Advice & Studies: policy recommendations, “best practice” reports, handbooks and guidelines, in-depth sector and country studies
  • International Business Development and company representation
  • Training & Workshop facilitation
  • Organisation of meetings, events and business trips
  • fluent linguistic support for my customers in English, French and German

My strengths:

    • 11+ years of project management experience at the EU and Euro-Mediterranean level.
    • excellent insights and knowledge of the functioning of the EU institutions
    • solid regional knowledge thanks to decades living and working in the EU, Caucasus, North Africa and Middle East

I realise every day more that we are all interconnected, a part of the cycle of life and of nature. For this reason, we need to align our economic and leisure activities to the principles of the Circular Economy (see image below).


In my work and life, I aim to follow these guiding principles to the best of my abilities.

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